Sky Commander Software
  • Download latest software version (v5.03 SP00). Un-zip the file and copy it to the Boot Flasher program folder , e.g.

    C:\Program Files (X86)\Sky Engineering\XP4_Flash_2v2\User_Data\Source_Files.

    To upgrade Sky Commander, you will need to first install the Boot-Flasher program on your PC. See instructions below on this page.

    The latest version of the software (5.03) includes support for the UGC catalog of almost 13,000 galaxies in the northern hemisphere. It also has support for lunar rate tracking when used with the Sky Tracker telescope drive system.
    SP02 was released to fix a problem reading and writing the special object list over the RS232 interface.

    XP4_503_SP02.S19 ** 12/13/15

  • Older Software Versions:
    XP4_502_SP03.S19 ** 02/24/08
    XP4_502_SP04.S19 ** 02/16/09
    XP4_502_SP05.S19 ** 09/12/09
    XP4_503_SP00.S19 ** 11/08/15

Astronomical Catalogs
  • Download all the available catalogs for the Sky Commander. ** Jan 15, 2017

  • The .ZIP file contains all the .S37 catalog files. Copy the .S37 files into the Boot Flasher program folder , e.g.

    C:\Program Files (X86)\Sky Engineering\XP4_Flash_2v2\User_Data\Source_Files.

  • New catalog - UGC, Uppsala General Catalog has been added. It contains 12,921 northern hemisphere galaxies. Nov 8, 2015

  • Catalog Fix - the Bayer catalog of 1564 stars by constellation and Greek letter was recompiled to fix a problem with object indexing. Jan 15, 2017

New! PC Boot-Flasher Software for Windows 8 and 10 (and prior)
  • The newest version of Flash Programming Software runs under Windows 8 and 10, or any Windows version supporting the Microsoft DotNet Framework 4.0. This includes Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista. Note: for these older Windows versions, it will be necessary to install DotNet Framework 4.0 if not already installed on your computer. It is available from the Microsoft Download Center. Do this before installing the Boot-Flasher software below.

    Download the file using the link below and run it to install on your PC. A shortcut icon will be put on your desktop. Double-click the icon to start the program. A detailed HELP menu will guide you through the steps to program or re-program your Sky Commander XP4.

    Version 2.2 has enhancements to make it much more user friendly. There is no need to download Sky Commander software and catalogs separately; they are installed automatically in the application directory, i.e.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sky Engineering\XP4_Flash2v2

    If you have version 2.0 or 2.1 installed, please uninstall and reinstall version 2.2 in order to avoid problems.

    To see a demonstration of using the Boot-Flasher Click Here

    Download XP4_Flash_Setup_2v2.exe ** Jan 15, 2017

Sky Commander Serial Communications Port Testing

If you think you may be having problems with serial communications, the following PDF file will explain how to test it with your PC.

Test Document
Serial Communications Test Procedure

Aug 19, 2015

User Manuals
Please download the Sky Commander User’s Manual. It contains more details of operation, encoder installation, serial port operation, theory and troubleshooting.

** XP4 Manual **
Sky Commander XP4 Manual v4.1
  March 15, 2009

Original Sky Commander Manual
Legacy Sky Commander Manual v3