• Turn your telescope into an efficient observing tool.
  • Thousands of celestial goodies will be at your fingertips.
  • Use with your PC or 'Stand-Alone'.
  • Identify those 'faint fuzzies' as you pan your scope.
  • Get the most out of your limited observing time.
  • Great in light polluted skies

The Sky Commander XP4 Digital Setting Circle Computer is packed with the
features you need at an affordable price. To learn more click here.

Try out the new Catalog Database Explorer -- Click Here.

Try out the AZ-EL Calculator -- Click Here.

** NEW - Run Boot-Flasher on your Mac!  

Notice to all customers and vendors:

9/25/2021 An update to Sky Commander firmware, V5.03 SP04 is available. Corrects errors in planet positions caused by precession. Start the Boot-Falsher utility and click 'Check for Updates'. Use 'Default Prog Files' to get this latest update.

11/22/2021 Jupiter Moons Simulator for Android is now available. An easy to use simulator shows the positions of Jupiter's moons at any time and date. Has shadow effects, pan and zoom, animation, etc. See Jupiter Moons Simulator on Downloads Page.

12/30/21 Please contact me by e-Mail only, victor@skyeng.com A voice call may be arranged if necessary.

04/09/22 Mailing Address - The Coral Springs mailing address may no longer be used. See Contact Info

04/27/22 Sky Engineering, Inc is officially closed, however I remain here to assist you on a personal basis with any issues you may have, including service, repairs, answering questions, and resolving problems.

Some items like cables are still available as noted on the price page. Contact me by E-Mail.


Sky Commander XP4 Ready for Action!
Used with Discmounts DM6
Side View with Power Connector
Rear Panel with Encoder and Serial Port Connectors

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Last Updated Sept 20, 2022