Electrical and Mechanical Specifications for the Sky Commander XP4

Operating Voltage
(internal 9v battery)
5.5v min to 10v max
Operating Voltage
(external 12vdc supply)
Regulated 11 to 13.8 volts
@ 300mA min
Internal Battery Life
40 hours based on 6.5mA
typical current
Operating Temperature with
external 12v supply
-10 to +30C
Operating Temperature with
internal 9v battery
+5 to +30C
Display Type
32 Character Dot Matrix LCD
w/yellow-green backlight
Encoder Resolution
Programmable, 4000 typical,
24576 max with external 12 volts
Encoder Speed
(internal battery)
1500 counts/sec min
Encoder Speed
(external 12 volts)
8000 counts/sec min
Displayed Resolution
.1 degree Azimuth and Elevation
Serial Port
Programmable 9600bps max,
8 data bits
4.2" X 3.0" X 1.7"
8oz. with battery